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Joelle Karadsheh


My name is Joelle Karadsheh

I'm a student at Constructor University Bremen, majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management. My journey is driven by a curiosity for learning and a passion for problem-solving in engineering. I enjoy collaborating on diverse projects, each offering unique growth opportunities. Outside of academics, I find joy and balance in reading, listening to music, and journaling.


What is my story?

 In the midst of my second year studying Industrial Engineering and Management, my academic journey has been enriched not only by textbooks and lectures but also by the discipline and creativity I've developed through music. While learning about complex data navigation and process optimization, I applied the same attention to detail and pattern recognition demanded by playing the violin. My hands-on experience in manufacturing and supply chain management, coupled with leadership roles, has been crucial for my growth and in deepening my understanding of the courses I've taken. I am fully committed to applying my skills to improve processes and foster effective teamwork. I also aim to make a positive impact in both technical and interpersonal aspects, driven by my leadership experience and empathetic nature


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Bremen 27859, College Ring 3

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+49 152 09690928

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